What Kind of Pick Should You Use?

Whether you prefer playing lead guitar or rhythm guitar, using a pick is something that you will definitely need to learn how to do. However, the question that you might be asking at this point is what kind of pick should you be using? Acoustic guitars are not the only kinds of objects in the world of music that will give you a lot of options to choose from, you are going to have to think about the specific kind of pick that you would want to use as well.

The thickness of your pick is something that you will have to think about to start off with. A thicker pick is going to be better for picking individual notes, but a thinner pick can give you a better sound if you are strumming a lot. Most guitarists tend to go for the middle ground in this regard so that they have a versatile pick that would allow them to do whatever it is that they might want to do. You should see whatever works for you and try to get a pick that suits your playing style as much as possible.

Another important thing that you should be considering is the smoothness of your pick. Some picks are a little rougher and are almost matte in their texture, other picks are as smooth as can be. Matte textured picks can be easier to grip, smoother ones tend to slip if you are getting sweaty. However, matte picks give each strum and pluck a distinct sound, an almost husky timbre that would be tough to get rid of. Smoother picks give you a neutral sound that would help you focus on your dynamics and get the kind of acoustic guitar tone you are looking for. Visit https://bestguitarunder.com/ to learn more.

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