The Car Camping Way

The idea of sleeping under a starry night sky and getting some dirt on you can be very foreign to individuals that spend most of their time living in the urban settings. They may look up to the night sky and see at most a measly two or three stars at best, on a good day they might see four, and wonder why anyone would want to travel to the far outskirts where the light of the city streets don’t pierce the night sky and spend the night lying in the dirt. But when the weather is good, the smell of the pine trees lure individuals to the wilds.

Where the light of the city doesn’t corrupt the night sky, you will find a sight unlike any other. A vast black sky bustling with the livelihood of the natural light of the stars that take well over millions of years to reach us. This light will be overshadowed by the artificial light that shines in our face and as a result, we our deprived of the true beauty that some people never get to experience but others actively go out to seek. If you do plan on going camping, or you’re just on a long drive and to another faraway place and will be sleeping in your car on the way you should go over this checklist and see what you might be missing.

First and most importantly is the food. You need not only proper meals but also snacks that don’t need processing. If it’s raining hard one day, you don’t want to starve because you can’t find a place a cool. Hiking gear would be a plus and if you going car camping, make sure you have enough fuel to get you there and back again.

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