The Best Guide to Glass Pipes

A glass pipe is used to smoke tobacco or herbs. They do not impart any competing flavors, and with the cultivation of a newer variety of herbs, glass pipes are preferred over wood or clay pipes for a purer smoking experience.

There are many different glass pipes out there and if you want to add to your pipe collection then this is the guide for you.


This is the most fundamental shape of a glass pipe. It is a small and simple glass tube. All you have to do is pack the smoking material into the end, apply flame and inhale. However, they are only appropriate for little amounts of tobacco or herb blends.


These are more sophisticated than chillums as they have a carburetor which allows additional air to be drawn in and all of the smoke in the pipe is rapidly drawn in.


They have bowls, and both ends are open in this glass pipe. The open end near the bowl acts like a carburetor. These are hard to use so they are not recommended for beginners.


Bubblers filter out the harsh taste of tars and resins. Bubbler pipes diffuse smoke through water before it is inhaled. It allows a smoother taste of smoke. The water used can be hot or cold but cold water is standard.

Sherlock Pipes

These pipes are shaped just like how the infamous Sherlock Holmes did so you don’t need to wonder this pipe got its name. These pipes generally have feet or a flat bottom which allows them to sit on a table or a shelf. It has a long stem.

Glass pipes are an economical and environmentally sound way to consume whatever it is that you enjoy smoking. Plus, with proper care, cleaning, and maintenance of glass pipes can last can last for many years.

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