Orthodontic Treatment at an Early Age

While it’s important to make your scheduled visits to your dentist, if you see the need to visit an orthodontist, you ought to get your teeth treated as early as possible. They’ll tell you that if you need braces, it’s a good idea to get them at as early an age possible. Typically, braces are given to patients between the ages 13-18. There’s actually a good reason why these ages are the sweet spot for getting braces.

You see, at earlier ages, your teeth are either still emerging or falling out, so it’s a bad idea to disturb them before they fit into your jaw. In ages over 18, the wisdom molars might start to emerge in your mouth, causing additional pressure in your gums. Typically the entire braces treatment takes about 2 years to complete. If you’re concerned about your child’s teeth not being as straight as they should be, then perhaps it’s time you consider getting an appointment with Dr. Steven Cohen Orthodontist. Here’s why you should be concerned about crooked teeth.

They Invite Bacteria

Crooked teeth are very difficult to clean and because of this, there’s always the possibility of plaque forming near the gums and this can cause your mouth to become a bacteria utopia. This will give you bad breath, ugly looking teeth and tooth decay.

They’re Ineffective at Chewing

The human jaw is designed to be able to bite and chew food in a certain manner. Crooked teeth aren’t going to do the best job possible when it comes to biting and chewing. Getting braces lets you pace your teeth back in order so that your mouth can handle food more effectively. Digestion begins in the mouth after all.

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